pink bra box

An annual campaign in October to collect bras for our Pink Bra Ateliers.

I donate my bra, then what?.. 3 simple steps!

1 Bra donation
Search your lingerie drawer for a bra that is too small, too large, or that you have forgotten about.

2 Pink Bra Box
Drop off your bra in a Pink Bra Box. Collected bras are then reused for Pink Bra Ateliers.

3 Pink Bra Ateliers
Pink Bra Ateliers are creative workshops to transform or decorate a bra and learn how to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer.

Everyone can participate!

Our Pink Bra Box campaign takes place during October in schools, community organisations, hospitals etc. This annual event invites women to donate forgotten bras found in the bottom of their lingerie drawers.

Collected bras are then reused for Pink Bra Ateliers, which are creative moments to personalize a bra and educate and empower women about their bodies and breast health.


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