Pink Bra Bazaar is a charitable organization dedicated to breast health and supporting women with breast cancer.
Breast Health Programs

Pink Bra Ateliers

A series of creative workshops developed for participants to share experiences & learn about breast health. Offered in a relaxed and casual manner, these workshops are ideal for schools, community organizations, women’s groups, health care facilities, and companies providing health and wellness programs or conferences.

3 Unique Ateliers

Creative Expressions: A two-hour workshop where participants redesign and stylize a bra while learning about breast health and how to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Sensual Expressions: A two-hour workshop that awakens the senses through textures, colours, and words using a variety of design and mixed media techniques.

Lingerie Expressions: A two-hour workshop that helps women with breast cancer rediscover their femininity through lingerie and learn which lingerie styles are best suited to express their personality.


Pink Bra Toss

An annual event in the spring to celebrate breast health awareness. Everyone is invited to participate. Toss with us and share your pictures! #pinkbratoss #jaimemesseins #ilovemyboobs

Pink Bra Box

Annual Bra Drive in October to support breast cancer awareness. The collected bras are used for our Pink Bra Ateliers. Everyone is invited to participate. Organize a Pink Bra Box with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours.


Our support programs in collaboration with medical professionals focus on building a positive self-image for women undergoing treatment or living with breast cancer.

Our Vision:
To make the bra a symbol of lifelong breast health, reminding women daily to make the right decisions for themselves.
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