"Nobody knows your body better than you
and at Pink Bra Bazaar we help you take care of it."

Be Pink!


Pink Bra Bazaar
is a charitable organisation
dedicated to breast health and
supporting women
with breast cancer


I Love My Boobs!

Our breast health program promotes the role of lifestyle changes in reducing the risk of breast cancer for women of all ages.
"I Love My Boobs" is more than a slogan. It’s an attitude and it is a commitment.

Be (3X) Pink Bra Bazaar
Our annual event to celebrate breast health
Our bra collect
for our Pink Bra Ateliers
Our creative workshops
dedicated to breast health
and supporting women


Our public and private partners.

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Bra Bazaar

Stay healthy, have fun, and support a great cause!


Help save breasts
and lives!

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